Gasoline, also known as fire tamping rammer

According to the principle of two-stroke engines is made with the inner cylinder, the next two pistons, piston internal combustion piston, the piston is at the damping piston. Set the lower portion of the cylinder with an inclined bottom surface of xjnzd brand zdp series ram-jolt concrete vibrating table the rammer, the vertical axis of the cylinder forward skew. The piston rod from the cylinder bore extends through the middle of the roof, at the lower end of the piston rod extending from the cylinder, and one, between the cylinder and the rammer rammer to spring tension and linked into, and with handrails to control the ram forward direction grading machine. Compaction under fire blasting force combustible mixture, therefore, jump forward and upward from the ground, and under its own weight, falling to the ground soil compaction, rammer jumped a fall, the body would step forward. The rammer product is widely used, not only for the variety of sand, gravel, concrete compaction level, but also on the asphalt and gravel, concrete and clay compacted smooth, especially for construction, ground, garden, road, bridge piles, ditch construction groove, wild, narrow space and other environmental overcome the trouble electric rammer searching for a power cable and no power can not work, especially to overcome the electric rammer live working on personal insecurity, capable of medium-sized machinery can not be completed construction tasks.

Also known as electric rammer Electric rammer breaststroke.

Rotary inertia force of principle made by the rammer, tamping frame, eccentric, pulleys and motors and other components. Motor and transmission parts mounted on the skid base, tamping frame hinged rear end of the drive shaft in the eccentric centrifugal force, tamping frame can swing around this axis. Rammed the front frame fitted rammer, when the ram downward swing frame on soil compaction, so that sled seat forward swing upward. Therefore, frog rammer rammer once every impact, the body that is moving forward step. Fast rammer is vibration rammer predecessor. Driven by electric motor through reducer and crank rod rammer do a quick impact exercise to consolidate the soil, when rammer jumped off the ground, the operator can push machine forward, to reduce body vibration, the vertical axis of the cylinder forward skew. Group set up buffer spring. Compacted clay soil of the impact was better, rammer is suitable for construction of the building, floor, garden, road, bridge piles, trenches, field, narrow space and other environment capable of performing the task and medium-sized construction machinery new style electric portable concrete vibrator with 220v can not be completed. The product has advanced design, compact structure, stable performance, solid force, flexible operation, safe use, adapt to a wide range of high efficiency. But the rammer area is limited, and therefore not suitable for large-scale earthworks compaction operations. For sand, gravel need to be another choice of vibration tamping machine tamping. Vibration rammer according to JG / T5014 standards. Its small size, light weight, light ram amount, strengthening capacity, high production efficiency, welt performance, flexible operation, simple, safe and reliable, than the frog ram used in China, the explosion ram, plate ram, etc. have more many advantages. This machine is not only suitable for sand, concrete and various sandy soil compaction, also suitable for asphalt sand, lean concrete and compacted clay, especially for indoor floor surface, patio and trenches and other narrowly construction , you can do the task and medium-sized construction compaction machinery can not be completed.

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